A New Approach to Open CFD

Open Source CFD International Conference 2013 –  Hamburg, Germany, 24th/25th October 2013

NUMECA has developed the OpenLabs™ environment offering a new approach to Open CFD.

OpenLabs™ is a highly user-friendly mode of operations, conceived as a “dialog system” with the basic CFD code. It provides access to routines of the basic CFD code, to the variables of the routines and to all existing physical models and properties.

In a few lines of text, transport equations, source terms, initial or boundary conditions, fluid properties, algebraic relations, thermal and transport properties are modified or added. As this text is easy to understand and does not require any knowledge of programming or code structure, it can be used by anyone in the CFD community as a starting point for new models.

The created Labs can remain proprietary or freely available, through an OpenLabs™ community, established in order to share Labs applications.

The underlying code FINE™/Open is a highly robust unstructured solver with a variety of models like a.o. turbulence, multiphase, combustion, radiation, providing altogether a highly professional quality assured CFD background. It covers a wide range of applications, from incompressible to supersonic and hypersonic, from perfect gas to liquids and condensable fluids, internal and external flows, fixed or rotating frames of reference.

The paper provides a description of the OpenLabs™ structure and mode of operation, illustrated by a few examples, including the introduction of an actuator disk model for rotating components and solving an electric potential field near a plasma actuator.

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