Application of multipoint and multistage optimization to the design of turbomachinery blades

Paper from the 6th European Turbomachinery Conference – 2005, Lille, France

This paper presents an integrated environment FINE™/Design3D developed for the optimization of turbomachinery compressor and turbine blade shapes. The methodology relies on the interaction between a genetic algorithm, an artificial neural network, a database and user generated objective functions and constraints. The optimization is coupled to the FINE™/Turbo environment of NUMECA.

The present paper focuses on multipoint and multistage optimization. A first example compares the results of two optimization projects applied on the same turbine rotor. The first project considers multipoint optimization, ensuring a control of the performance over a wide range of incidences, but limits the computational domain to the single rotor. The second optimization project considers multistage CFD calculations, with one single operating point. The results demonstrate that for this configuration a better performance gain is obtained with the multistage optimization, as it is shown that the off-design performance tends to follow the modifications obtained at the nominal conditions. The second example presents the application of multipoint optimization to the re-design of the NASA Rotor 37 transonic compressor rotor.

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