Engine Design Model for Seperate Flow Turbofan Engine/2013


The first step in Engine Design for an airframe is being the on-design cycle analysis. The results of this analysis are later used in off-design cycle analysis, which gives critical information about the performance of the engine on the whole flight envelope. Both analysis results are later used in turbo machinery component design. In order to accomplish these objectives, an engine design model in MATLAB Simulink® (named as Engine Design Model, EDM) is developed for Separate Flow Turbofan Engines. This engine type is chosen according to its wide usage in Aerospace Industry, but the model can also be extended to the other types of Turbofan and Turbojet Engines. The Engine Design Model uses Variable Specific Heat Model in order to obtain best estimates in thermodynamic parameters throughout the whole cycle. The model use the solution algorithms given in Aircraft Engine Design, 2nd Edition [Mattingly, J.D., Heiser W.H., and Pratt, D.T., 2002] and its verification is made with AEDsys Software, which also uses the same algorithm. The model is intended to be used in an optimization process, which select the best engine according to the constraints determined by the user by using SIMPLEX and gradient descent algorithms.


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