Turbo Rotary Engine Design Project

Support Programme: Tubitak 1501 – Industrial R&D Projects Grant Programme

Project No: 3060403

Start/End Date :25.05.2006 / 24.05.2009


PARS Makina designs advanced rotary engines based on the company’s patented thermodynamic cycle. A rotary vane engine is designed to power for a wide variety of applications. This external combustion heat engine is operating according to a novel thermodynamic cycle having an efficient compression phase and a limited temperature combustion phase followed by a long power extraction phase. The new engine not only promises high performance figures such as single stage high compression ratios, competitive power torque and low specific fuel consumptions but also smaller and lighter design than comparable four-stroke piston engines. The present engine eliminates contact wear between rotor and working chamber and compressor volumetric efficiency exceeds 96% near design speeds. Furthermore, the long expansion power stroke which lasts up to a wide rotation angle (270°), is amply sufficient to overtake any net shaft power production figure belonging to other engines. Air and oil cooled sliding vane engine have an additional feature close to gas turbine engines such as being nearly steady in air flow processing. The rotary vane engine also achieves high compression ratios with less shaft power input as air is processed through a smooth crescent shape constriction which progressively squeezes out the fluid to the combustion chamber. As maximum peak temperature is limited, the operational and maintenance costs are also minimised. All together, the presented design is an efficient, powerful, compact, simple and reliable heat engine.

Thanks to PARS Makina innovative engine technology, this engine can be scaled down in size and different fuels can run this engine as spark ignition. Pars Engine can be applied  for many small engine applications  including marine applications, portable generators and UAVs.


Working Schematic of the Novel Rotary Engine


Novel Thermodynamic Cycle for Rotary Vane Engine