Turbomakinalar için, ön tasarımdan detaylı üç boyutlu kanat tasarımına kadar tasarım yapabileceğiniz disiplinler arası entegre (FINE™/Turbo ve FINE™/Design3D) CFD tasarım ve optimizasyon yazılımı.


{:en}Integrated design and optimization software environment for multistage turbomachinery, from preliminary design objective to full 3D blades and channel geometries, highly integrated with the multiphysics and multidisciplinary 3D CFD design and optimization systems FINE™/Turbo and FINE™/Design3D{:}



AutoDesign™ is an integrated & optimization-based 1D-to-3D design software environment for multiphysics and multidisciplinary (CFD-FEA-CAA) design of turbomachinery.  AutoDesign™  is a powerful tool dedicated to fast design and optimization of multistage machines starting from initial design objectives. Integrated with AutoGrid5™, FINE™/Turbo and FINE™/Design3D, it offers an integrated chain from 1D to 3D, including aerodynamics, mechanics and aero-acoustics 1D-3D optimization.

AutoDesign™ is based on a novel and revolutionary approach, being the first in coupling advanced optimization methods with ultra-fast and accurate meshing and CFD and MDO solutions, enabling to design innovative optimal machine in very short time in one single software.

AutoDesign™  is powered by OMNIS™, NUMECA’s new generation environment for multiphysics simulation and optimization, which offers the enhanced productivity of a cutting edge software.

AutoDesign™ general workflow

Applications include:

  • Axial compressors (in OMNIS™ 1.1)
  • Axial turbines (in OMNIS™ 1.2)
  • Centrifugal compressors (in development)
  • Radial turbines (in development)


  • Mean line 1D design and off-design analysis
  • Full radial equilibrium (streamline curvature) 2D design
  • Multi-objective evolutionary optimization algorithm
  • Automatic 3D blade geometry and mesh generation (with AutoGrid5™)
  • Direct export to AutoGrid5™ and AutoBlade™
  • Process automation with Python scripting
  • Fast C++ code with flexible structure for incorporating user specific requirements
  • Expression input (Python)
  • Undo and redo of all user actions
  • Flexible unit system
  • Fluid property library included
  • Built-in loss models include Lieblein and Wright & Miller
  • User specified loss data
  • Easy first design with automatic wizard
  • Python scripts library for full automatic mode, from design objective to full 3D multi-disciplinary optimization


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