Manufacturers of domestic hydraulic turbines:  it is time to export.  Capture the world’s best performances with  our Turbine Numeca flow solvents.  AutoGrid5™- We analyze the tiger turbine up to the hinged arms of the inlet guide nozzle. In addition we can account for all of the flow details for long life.

Automatic Full Hex Multi-block Structured Meshing of Multi-stage Turbomachinery


AutoGrid5™ is a full automatic hexahedral grid generator for all types of rotating machinery: complex axial, radial, and mixed-flow configurations. AutoGrid5™ produces grids in a few minutes, with a few clicks through a wizard based interface.

This product is part of AutoMesh™.

Watch this video and learn more about the powerful, yet easy to use, Row Mesh Setup Assistant of AutoGrid5™:



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  • Optimized topologies according to geometrical configurations;
  • Automatic grid points distribution according to user’s grid size requirements;
  • Free user-defined topologies;
  • Advanced smoothing algorithms yielding a high grid quality;
  • Multistage and bypass configurations;
  • Capturing a large range of geometrical features, such as tip and hub clearance, seal-leakages, rounded and blunt leading and trailing edge, spinners, flow path discontinuities, rotor/stator, inner/row interfaces, non-axisymmetric end walls, bleed ports, cooling holes, tip basins, part-span shroud, etc.
  • Grid wake refinement;
  • Full connectivity with IGG™ (NUMECA’s general structured multiblock grid generator), allowing to interactively mesh up- and downstream components such as nozzle, volute, ducts, condensers, etc.;
  • Advanced template and script technology for automated meshing of features such as fillets, leakage paths, cavities, etc.


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