{:tr}CFView™ bilimsel görselleştirme yazılımı sistemidir. Yazılım, iki ve üç boyutlu skaler ve vektörel çıktıları, büyükten küçüğe çok geniş çapta sunmaktadır. Yapısal ve/veya yapısal olmayan çözüm ağlarındaki düzenli ve düzensiz akış çıktılar, kompleks sistemler için dahi CFView™ ile kolaylıkla gözlemlenebilir. {:}

{:en}Powerful post-processing and scientific visualization system offering a large range of qualitative and quantitative efficient tools for flow visualization and analysis around any 2D/3D complex geometry. {:}


CFView™  is a polyvalent parallelized scientific visualization software system. It offers a large range of qualitative and quantitative outputs for 2D/3D scalar and vector fields. Steady/unsteady results on structured and/or unstructured grids can be handled easily with CFView™ allowing a straightforward analysis of complex physical systems.

Simulation-based design decision process is even accelerated by CFView™ scripting capability using Python language. Recorded templates can be used for automatic replay of saved screenshots on new simulations sets. CFView™ embeds moreover specific features for turbomachinery configurations, such as meridional, blade-to-blade, pitch-averaged, spectral and temportal Nonlinear Harmonics specific views and cylindrical views but also for aero- and vibro-acoustics and marine configurations such as wake flow analysis, streamlines exports and free surface visualization.

CFView™ provides a fully automatic procedure for the setup and the execution of the noise radiation analysis based on a NLH solution. This capability is available for aero-engine nacelles, CRORs and turbomachinery applications. Steps like the generation of the acoustic mesh, the interpolation of the harmonics, the definition of the microphones location and the execution of the FW-H or BEM acoustic analysis are fully automated. With one mouse-click the user switches from the NLH solution obtained in the Near-Field to the noise mapping in the Far-Field.


CFView™ advanced features enable to get an insight into all multi-physics applications involving fluid flows including aerospace, turbomachinery, marine, automotive and oil & gas.


Download a FREE version of CFView™:

– for Windows

– for Linux

This version will allow you to open CGNS surface data and NUMECA meshes. To install please extract the archive, then launch “install_numeca” for Linux or “setup.exe” for Windows. Just follow the procedure to complete the installation. No license is required.


  • Multi-projects and multi-views environment
  • Scalar and vector representation modes
  • User-defined quantities using algebraic expressions
  • Isolines, iso-surfaces and streamlines
  • Cut planes, revolution surfaces
  • Interactive cartesians plots creation
  • Unsteady data sets animation with movies creation
  • Acoustic field animation based on user’s selected harmonics. Customizable surface rendering, colormap and perspective
  • Calculation of derived quantities for advanced NUMECA’s fluid types including real gases and condensable fluids
  • Specific turbomachinery visualization mode
  • Specific marine post-processing tools
  • Advanced Nonlinear Harmonic post-processing
  • Acoustic radiating surface extraction
  • Simulation results comparison
  • Publication-quality graphics and plots generation
  • Full python integration: all CFView™ functionalities can be imported as a python module.
  • Extract surface data and export to new projects.
  • CFView™ is free for surface projects and mesh loading


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