FINE™ / Marine

Flow Integrated Environment for free-surface flows analysis in marine, offshore and ship applications. The leading professional CFD suite for naval architects and marine engineers.



FINE/Marine is an integrated CFD software environment for the simulation of mono-fluid and multi-fluid flows around any kind of ships, boats or yachts, including various types appendages. The powerful and customized graphical user interface drives the user into the whole simulation process and integrates marine-dedicated features with:

  • HEXPRESS , our highly automated mesh generator for high quality and full hexahedral unstructured meshes;
  • FINE™/Marine’s flow solver, our 6DOF incompressible flow solver, recognized as having the best accuracy for all types of marine applications, including free surface capturing. The FINE™/Marine’s flow solver is developed by the “Ecole Centrale de Nantes” (ECN) and CRNS and industrialized  in partnership with NUMECA.
  • CFView, our powerful post-processing and scientific visualization system offering all qualitative and quantitative tools and marine dedicated add-ons for flow visualization and analysis.



Mesh generator (HEXPRESS)

  • Non-conformal, fully hexahedral meshes
  • Viscous layers insertion with inflation method
  • Thin surfaces modeling
  • Replace geometries module
  • Limited user inputs – high degree of automation
  • Fully scriptable

FINE™/Marine’s Flow Solver

  • Highly accurate free surface capturing
  • 6DOF with marine dedicated motion laws
  • Quasi static approach
  • Sub cycling acceleration
  • Adaptive grid refinement
  • Sliding grid interfaces
  • Cavitation modeling
  • Mooring and tugging lines
  • User defined dynamic libraries (forces and motions)

Graphical User Interface (FINE™ GUI)

  • Marine dedicated environment
  • Fully scriptable

Post processing (CFView)

  • Marine dedicated add-ons
  • Fully scriptable

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