Double Axis Solar Tracker


Main Characteristics

  • Double Axis Tracking System
  • 170m2 rectangular surface area
  • Up to 30 kW PV Module per unit
  • 360° azimuthal rotational movement
  • Vertical movement capability from -1.5° to 60°
  • Ballast or pile foundation
  • Solar tracking method: Astronomical algorithm open-loop control and optional backtracking


  • Automatic control unit
  • Telemetri ile performans izleme Performance monitoring with telemetry
  • Wind speed sensor


  • Automatic frame levelling in extreme weather conditions and during power cuts
  • Protective circuits for sudden current and voltage fluctuations


  • Designed to meet all the requirements of Eurocode 3
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel elements


  • Full-Compatible structure for all PV modules
  • Specific MechgripTM clamps for PV panels
  • Anti- theft property

Hydraulic Motion Mechanism

  • Movement without repulsion
  • High load protection shield
  • Lack of easily wearing or tearing parts
  • Lean Design

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