The M-CLAMP is a clamp specifically designed for the attachment of PV modules directly onto C or Z profile purlins.

The M-CLAMP is the most cost effective solution as there is no need for intermediate rails or subframes, nor drilling or cutting. Additionaly, the required fitting time is significantly less than in any other fixing solution.



  • Strong – Designed to bear multiple times the maximum load that a PV module can withstand.
  • Flexible – Almost any commercially available PV module can be attached on any C or Z purlin.
  • Cost Effective – Significant cost savings, up to 50%, compared to any competitive approach (labor included).


Easy Installation

No Drilling
No Dificult
By A Single Person
1 Minute Installation

Per Module



Installation Steps

The MechgripTM is installed in four simple steps by a single person.

Mechgrip_Installation_Steps_Images1.jpgA nut is inserted in the socket on the side of the component, and a set screw is inserted in the hole located on the bottom side of the component
Mechgrip_Installation_Steps_Images2.jpgThe set screw is screwed into the nut, until it reaches the top of the protective barrel.
Mechgrip_Installation_Steps_Images3.jpgBy applying more force the barrel neck brakes while the barrel remains attached on the top of the set screw.
Mechgrip_Installation_Steps_Images4.jpgThe set screw is screwed until the purlin and the PV module are pressed firmly between the barrel and the top of the component.


Installation Overview


1. Fisrt PV module

2. Mechgrip for the first PV module

3. C or Z shaped underlying profile

4. M-CLAMP for the second PV module

5. Second PV module


Labor & Time Saver

A single person needs less than 1 minute to install the 4 MechgripsTM that are required for each PV module.


Proven Concept

With more than 1.000.000 units already installed in more than 800 plants, the Mechgrip has already proven its quality, reliability and versatility.


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