Table generation tool for real fluid and combustion modeling



Available in FINE™/Turbo and FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™, the NUMECA’s TabGen/Thermo module is a powerful thermodynamic table generation tool, allowing users to generate tables for fluids and for mixtures. Powered by NIST-REFPROP, TabGen/Thermo generates real fluid thermodynamic and transport data by means of complex equations of state. The generated thermodynamic tables cover the liquid, gaseous, biphasic and supercritical phases.


TabGen/Chemistry is a powerful combustion table generation tool, which is available in FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™. Powered by TU Eindhoven’s chemistry solver CHEM1D , TabGen/Chemistry provides combustion tables for arbitrarily complex reaction schemes. With this tool thermochemical and transport data are generated for the flamelet, equilibrium, hybrid BML/flamelet and FGM combustion models available within the FINE™/Open with  OpenLabs™ package.



  • TabGen is based on NIST – REFPROP v8.0
  • 84 pure fluids and mixtures with up to 20 components
  • Variety of equations of state (EOS) for each fluid (Helmholtz energy equations of state, MBWR, extended corresponding states,…)
  • User-friendly Graphical-User-Interface


  • TabGen/Chemistry uses TU Eindhoven’s chemistry solver CHEM1D to generate the combustion tables
  •  Can handle arbitrarily complex reaction mechanisms
  •  Automatic table generation; user only needs to specify table type, temperature and composition of fuel and oxidizer streams, as well as the governing pressure
  • Preintegration of combustion tables for turbulent flows using β-PDF


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