High Speed Permanent Magnet Generator Project for Charging of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Support Program: Tubitak 1501 – Industrial R&D Projects Grant Programme

Project No: 3110372

Starting/Ending Date: 01.07.2011 / 30.06.2013

High speed permanent magnet generator  allows the hybrid electric vehicle to be charged from any heat source. In addition the generator placed on the vehicle ın this way the generator  produce electricity from vehicle waste of heat. Moreover the generator is coupled with turbine directly. Therefore, any external gearbox , belt pulley and torque-speed converter are no need . The generator has all advantages of direct drive mechanisms .


  1. High Efficiency
  2. High Power Intensity
  3. Least Dimensions
  4. Low Weight
  5. Simple Mechanical Design
  6. Easy Care
  7. Continuity
  8. Portable Design

Other Usage Area:

  1. Aviation Industry ( 400 Hz Alternator)
  2. Impulsion for vessels
  3. Turbine Generator work as engine or generator
  4. Military Function (Necessity of Emergency Power)
  5. High Shaft Velocity all application
  6. Charging of hybrid electric vehicles