NUMECA On-Demand powered by CPU 24/7 GmbH provides high performance compute resources on-demand and with a completely pre-configured NUMECA workplace including all NUMECA software products and licenses. Just run your calculations and simulations remotely and highly parallel on this ready-to-use system.

NUMECA On-Demand allows flexible and unlimited access to all NUMECA CFD solutions thanks to an easy-to-use dedicated environment.

How it works?

The new service is available to all NUMECA customers.

As a NUMECA customer, you need to register directly on the Resource Area of CPU24/7

Please contact your Account Manager for further assistance.

Not a NUMECA customer yet? Do not hesitate to contact us at

Below: NUMECA Remote Desktop powered by   

Below: NASA Stage 67 – Recirculation injector calculated with Full Unsteady NLH simulation (175 million grid cells)