Turbomakinalar için, ön tasarımdan detaylı üç boyutlu kanat tasarımına kadar tasarım yapabileceğiniz disiplinler arası entegre (FINE™/Turbo ve FINE™/Design3D) CFD tasarım ve optimizasyon yazılımı.

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AutoDesign™ is an integrated & optimization-based 1D-to-3D design software environment for multiphysics and multidisciplinary (CFD-FEA-CAA) design of turbomachinery.  AutoDesign™  is a powerful tool dedicated to fast design and optimization of multistage machines starting from initial design objectives. Integrated with AutoGrid5™, FINE™/Turbo and FINE™/Design3D, it offers an integrated chain from 1D to 3D, including aerodynamics, mechanics and aero-acoustics 1D-3D optimization.

AutoDesign™ is based on a novel and revolutionary approach, being the first in coupling advanced optimization methods with ultra-fast and accurate meshing and CFD and MDO solutions, enabling to design innovative optimal machine in very short time in one single software.

AutoDesign™  is powered by OMNIS™, NUMECA’s new generation environment for multiphysics simulation and optimization, which offers the enhanced productivity of a cutting edge software.

AutoDesign™ general workflow

Applications include:

  • Axial compressors (in OMNIS™ 1.1)
  • Axial turbines (in OMNIS™ 1.2)
  • Centrifugal compressors (in development)
  • Radial turbines (in development)


  • Mean line 1D design and off-design analysis
  • Full radial equilibrium (streamline curvature) 2D design
  • Multi-objective evolutionary optimization algorithm
  • Automatic 3D blade geometry and mesh generation (with AutoGrid5™)
  • Direct export to AutoGrid5™ and AutoBlade™
  • Process automation with Python scripting
  • Fast C++ code with flexible structure for incorporating user specific requirements
  • Expression input (Python)
  • Undo and redo of all user actions
  • Flexible unit system
  • Fluid property library included
  • Built-in loss models include Lieblein and Wright & Miller
  • User specified loss data
  • Easy first design with automatic wizard
  • Python scripts library for full automatic mode, from design objective to full 3D multi-disciplinary optimization


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