Fully integrated solution for strongly coupled fluid structure interaction simulations, developed by NUMECA International and Open Engineering


FINE™/FSI-OOFELIE couples the Finite Element (FEI) solver Oofelie, developed by Open Engineering, with NUMECA’s fast and accurate parallel flow solver FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ into one single environment dedicated to fluid structure interaction simulations. The workflow is handled by the SAMCEF Field generic interface.

This direct coupling carried out within one single environment allows a great gain in set-up time and an increased reliability. Moreover, one single step for the installation process is required.

Setup and start complete FSI simulations using only one software, FINE™/FSI-OOFELIE.

Applications include among others:

  • Wing flutter or buffeting
  • Wind turbine blade deformation
  • Fuel tank sloshing
  • FSI in hypersonic rocket nozzle
  • Missiles subsonic wing oscillations
  • Thermal deformation


FINE™/FSI-OOFELIE combines the benefits of the powerful CFD software FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™, including its mesh generator HEXPRESS™, with the multi-physics capabilities of Oofelie, bringing the added value of a fully integrated environment for fluid structure interaction.

Key features:

  • Two-way strong coupling: equilibrium between fluid and solid at each time step
  • Steady and Unsteady computations. 2D and 3D capabilities.
  • Non-conformal meshes at the interface: finer fluid domain resolution possible
  • Structures: linear and nonlinear analysis. Elastic and thermo-elastic computations.
  • Scripting capability.

A strong coupling approach is considered allowing hereby to verify the equations of all physical models at each time step. Strong coupling of multiphysics phenomena reveals much more information than just consecutive simulations. It ensures fast convergence and solution stability while simulating multi-unstable environments. A staggered approach is used with two solvers ensuring the most efficient method for each field.


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