Interactive Geometry Modeler and Multi-Block Structured Grid Generator

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IGG™ enables the creation of 2D and 3D arbitrary shapes and multi-block structured grids on 2D/3D geometries. IGG™ supports python scripts for automatic meshing reply into optimization loops.

Space shuttle

From left to right: Courtesy of Von Karma Institute, Courtesy of Honeywell Turbo Technologies

This product is part of AutoMesh™.



  • Common CAD formats as import
  • Many CAD features based on NURBS curves and surfaces
  • Powerful tolerance managemet system avoiding tedious CAD repair tasks
  • Simple and intuitive blocking tool
  • Automatic block mapping
  • Full automatic block connection tool ensuring grid consistency at the interface between blocks
  • Boundary shape clustering
  • Snapping functions
  • Internal faces and edges allowing full control of block grids
  • Algebraic and elliptic smoothers for surface and volume meshes
  • CAD projection
  • Saving and viewing surface and block grids at different coarse grid levels


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