{:tr}Artık turbo tasarımı Numeca ile daha kolay: FINE™/Agile 11.2 ile başlangıç tasarımından detay tasarımına kadar her türlü turbomakine performansını en üst noktaya taşınabiliyor. AxCent® ve Concepts NREC’s 3D de yaptığınız tasarımlar bir kaç tuşla Numeca yazılımları ile detaylı olarak analiz ediliyor.


{:en}Now turbo design is easier with Numeca. The performance of any turbomachine from initial design to detail design can be maximized with FINE™/Agile 11.2. The designs by AxCent® and Concepts  NREC’s 3D are detail analyzed using Numeca software with a few keystrokes.



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FINE/Agile™ is the product of a strong partnership between NUMECA Int and CONCEPTS NREC, bringing together the best-in-class preliminary turbomachinery design tools and the fastest and most accurate CFD suite as recognized by the worldwide turbomachinery community.

FINE/Agile™ combines the NUMECA Flow Integrated Numerical Environment with Concepts NREC’s Agile Engineering Design System®. Agile Engineering Design System® is the only commercially available turbomachinery design system that encompasses and integrates the complete engineering process through a complementary suite of tools and programs for computer-aided engineering (CAE). Integrated elements of the system include preliminary design and detailed design.  FINE™/Turbo is the fastest CFD suite for rotating machinery with incompressible and compressible fluids, from subsonic to hypersonic flow regimes. All types of multi-stage axial, radial or mixed-flow configurations are supported: compressors, turbines, pumps, fans, propellers or contra-rotating propellers. From meshing to results visualization, the FINE™/Turbo application-oriented graphical user interface is intuitive, enabling fast project set-up and analysis.

FINE/Agile™ is available in a choice of flavors geared to your application: centrifugal compressors, radial inflow turbines, axial compressors and turbines, pumps or fans & blowers, and can be easily upgraded to allow multiple applications.

The design and simulation process is streamlined with:

  • Meanline design: Determine design layout & sizing (on 1D basis for all components) for radial machines or determine geometry at mean, hub and tip locations for axial machines. Meanline options include:
    • COMPAL® for radial and mixed-flow compressors
    • PUMPAL™ for radial, mixed-flow, axial pumps
    • RITAL™ for radial and mixed-flow turbines
    • FANPAL™ for radial and mixed-flow fans
    • AXIAL™ for axial compressors and turbines
  • AxCent: 3D detailed design for geometry and blading including throughflow, 2D blade to blade and streamline curvature calculation
  • AutoGrid5™: Automated grid generator for turbomachinery configuration, delivers the highest quality structured meshes with minimum user input. Its Wizard mode handles all types of rotating machinery configurations and complexities.
  • FINE™/Turbo flow solver: 3D Navier-Stokes flow solver, recognized as the fastest and most accurate for turbomachinery configurations. Acceleration of several orders of magnitude is achieved thanks to the CPUBooster™ technique, NLH approach and HPC scalability.
  • CFView™: Advanced post-processing tool, provides dedicated flow visualization and analysis outputs in an easy-to-use turbomachinery-oriented mode.


Key features

  • Meanline design for all major turbomachinery configurations.
  • Detailed 3D design for geometry and blading using AxCent®, including throughflow, 2D blade to blade and streamline curvature calculation.
  • Ultra fast CFD solvers using CPU Booster™ technology and Non-Linear Harmonic method for unsteady simulations.
  • Seamless integration with FINE™/Design3D for optimization and our unique Uncertainty Quantification module



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