Born from the exclusive joint-venture between Cadence and coupledNumerics, Omnis™/Open-PBS widens the range of applications with fast and robust convergence for low-speed and incompressible flows.

Low-Speed Aerodynamics

Thanks to the simultaneous solution of momentum and continuity equations, with an implicit block coupling of pressure and velocity variables, the Open-PBS solver yields faster convergence compared to classical, loosely coupled, segregated pressure-based solvers.

This gain in convergence speed is accompanied by an improvement in numerical robustness for regimes ranging from low-speed to transonic and supersonic regimes.

The new technology has proved to be an invaluable resource for simulating the flow in a large number of applications, such as automotive, low-speed aircraft, drones and gliders, piping systems, heat exchangers, fans, hydraulic turbomachinery, …

Conjugate Heat Transfer and thermal management

The segregated formulation of the energy equation and the implicit treatment at the fluid-solid connections, allow the use of specific solving times or relaxation for the solid domains with an improved acceleration of the convergence for applications involving conjugate heat transfer.

Application examples:

• Heat exchanger

• Automotive thermal management

• Cooling systems

• Electric motor


• …

Conjugate Heat Transfer of a water cooling jacket

Low speed rotating machinery

Gamm turbine

The coupled pressure-based solver is known to be more efficient for low-speed flow, thanks to the fully implicit pressure-velocity coupling algorithms. With multidomain capacities and multiple reference frames, a large range of low speed rotating machinery applications is efficiently solved with the coupled solver.

Application examples:

• Fans

• Thermal turbomachinery

• Hydro turbines

• Pumps

• …

Unsteady flows

Thanks to its implicit, second-order accuracy time marching algorithms, Omnis-PBS exhibits excellent simulation speed for solving unsteady problems.

It supports multiple functionalities such as buoyancy, heat source terms, heat transfer…

Forced convection cooling of an electronic chip – steady-state computation (1250 RPM)

Key Features


• Full Hexahedral Grids

• Direct CAD import capabilities

• CAD manipulation and decomposition tools

• Mesh wizard for rapid solution set-up and easy back and forth operation

• Buffer cell and boundary layer insertion

• Automatic refinement procedures

• Multi domain capabilities allowing the treatment of CHT and multi-part geometry models

• Full non-matching multi-block connection, allowing multi-row turbomachinery meshing


• Incompressible flow

• Compressible flow (from subsonic to supersonic)

• Steady and unsteady regimes

• Laminar and turbulent flows

• Multidomain capacity

• Conjugate heat transfer

• Heat source terms

• Fluid/fluid mixing plane

• Multiple reference frame

• Buoyancy


• Multi-projects and multi-views graphical user interface

• Python scripting technology

• Surface and 3D local value

• Iso-lines

• Color contour

• Vector

• Iso-surfaces

• Cloud of particles

• Line chart

• Integral

• Formula and operator derived quantities

• Live co-processing

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