Hub Motor

Liquid Cooled, High Power Density In-Wheel Brushless Direct Current Motor for Electric Vehicles

Support Program: TUBITAK 1501 – Industrial R&D Projects Support Program

Project Nr.: 3120161

Start/End Date : 01.2.2012 / 31.12.2014

High-efficiency and high power-density in-wheel (HUB) permanent magnet brushless direct current motor are used to drive vehicles. They are easily mounted on 2 or 4 wheels as direct-drives and therefore do not require a transmission gear.


– 4 wheel-drive,

– Maximum torque is produced yielding a higher level of driving stability and control when compared to other electric vehicles moving on slippery road conditions,

– Regenerative braking available like any electric vehicles with central motors,

– Power transmission units such as gearbox, differential, drive shafts and axles are eliminated, thus reducing overall weight losses and making the vehicle more ergonomic,

– Motor on each wheel is electronically controlled using modern methods such as ABS, traction control and stability control.

Used for:

– Electric vehicles

– Military purpose (high torque in-wheel hub motors)

Pars Makina Hub Motor Testing

PARS Makina 15 kW Hub Motor Testing

1Kw Pars Hub Motor
2Kw Pars Hub Motor
3Kw Pars Hub Motor
15Kw Pars Hub Motor

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