Innovative Solutions

Our world in the last century, especially the industrial and technology sectors are the scene of developments and advancement at an unprecedented pace. These developments are on a global scale and may cause irreparable damage to the environment. This negative impact reaches a dimension that threaten the future of humanity.

As Pars Makina, our philosophy is to grow the renewable energy sector to a greater extent as a remedy to this treat. Along this line, we meet the most stringent demands of our environmently-friendly customers. We achieve this goal by integrating our engineering knowledge and skills and align them with renewable energy technologies. In doing so, I would like to point out that the words innovation and perfectionism have been key to our company since our establishment in 2005. We always have adhered to these principles since day one.

We offer our customers, the power of renewable energy and by doing so, we provide a forward leap to society life using our expertise in the fields. We also work to bring to life the dream of a more sustainable and intelligent life. We continue to take important commercial steps to transform Pars Makina into a global company that produces added services and energy products. We are working to contribute to net-zero emission economy.

By adopting a customer-oriented approach, we aim to be the preferred business partner for all environmently-friendly companies. Along this direction, Pars Makina became a sought-after engineering and R&D innovation company with a growing enthusiasm and perseverance shown since day one. We constantly invest in our commercial competencies to support our customers and expand our infrastructure that grow with our products.

We are confident that we will write new success stories together with our valued business partners and valued stakeholders in every parts of the world.

As Cicero said, “if there’s life in one place, there’s hope!” Our world stands strong despite all the economic and social crises it has endured. We will overcome the aftermath by joining hands, and we will continue to produce, grow and develop all-together in solidarity.