Pointwise for Computational Fluid Dynamics Meshing

Pointwise CFD Mesh Generation

Cadence Pointwise utilizes industry leading mesh generation techniques as well as geometry model preparation capabilities for high fidelity characterization of the fluid domain.

If you ask any engineer or computational fluid dynamics (CFD) enthusiast, meshing is the most time-intensive part of the CFD workflow with one of the highest impacts. We know that the process can be time-intensive but is vital to ensuring high-accuracy and high-efficiency CFD simulations moving forward.

Pointwise doesn’t settle just for industry leading CFD meshing. One of our greatest points of pride in Pointwise is its capacity to integrate into just about any CFD simulation workflow. Through our mesh export and import tools and pre-built relationships with other strong solvers and simulation tools, you can trust that Pointwise will enhance existing workflows. The entire team dedicated to supporting and advancing Pointwise is deeply connected to the meshing community and involved in industry roundtables, panels, and influential guidelines like the CFD 2030 plan. With Pointwise you can trust in progress.

Save Time and Improve Fidelity With Excellent Quality Mesh Generation

Depending on where you are in your production cycle, you might be looking for fundamentally different highlights in your CFD tools. Whether you’re in final verification and want the utmost accuracy or are just starting out in your simulations and want speed and computational efficiency, Pointwise has what you need.

Hybrid, Overset, and High-Order Meshes

With meshes growing into the hundreds of millions and even billions of cells, having an assortment of hexahedral, overset, and high-order cell definitions enables explorative examination.

Ease of Interface With Any Simulation Workflow

Pointwise recognizes that CFD users will often be getting the best available solution from a multitude of products and ensures that you will maintain access to your top quality meshes no matter the workflow.

Mesh Import and Export Priority

Working between geometry models and different software requires ease of import and export priorities, and we have built Pointwise to have just that.

Customizable Scripting and Templates

With anything monotonous and repetitive we want to have the ability to custom script or code your own solution to this within our Pointwise environment.

Apply Everything You Could Want Into Any Workflow

Pointwise provides excellence in CFD meshing technology. We recognize that anyone working in a CFD environment is likely to have multiple sets of direct interfaces, and Pointwise is intended to provide Cadence excellence from many geometry models to most simulation engines or solvers.

Any Occasion Mesh Types Available

To generate a high-quality mesh, you will need to experiment. Available cell definitions in Pointwise enable all forms of experimentation.

What you need from a mesh is both simple (complete coverage of the wetted surface and fluid volume with positive volume cells) and complex (balancing resolution and cell shape metrics). Add to those general needs the specific requirements of your flow solver, and you need meshing software that provides both flexibility and control so that the meshing process is robust and reliable.

• Structured and unstructured grids

• Hybrid anisotropic tetrahedra, prisms, hexahedra, and voxels

• Smooth, clustered, and orthogonal with elliptic PDE methods

• Overset grid assembly

• High-Order mesh for High-Order flow solvers

That’s why Pointwise includes a variety of meshing techniques from automated to manual, from structured to unstructured to hybrid, from 1D to 2D to 3D, from Delaunay to advancing layer to elliptic PDE to overset and high-order, all implemented in a multi-block or multi-zone strategy.

Geometry Model Repairing

Clean up MCAD models to create meshes for optimal convergence.

Whether you are working with B-Rep NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational Basis Splines) from more traditional or popular MCAD systems, or using digital geometry forms from design software, 3D scans, and any other sources, rest assured that Pointwise can work with your geometry models. While flow solvers continue to develop against the need for robust curvatures and boundary layer meshes, having an ideal mesh to work from and ensure highest efficiency and highest accuracy in your converged CFD simulations is vital.

Through Pointwise’s proliferation of both import capabilities from external geometries and internal meshing types, you will have access to the tools you need to ensure your geometry model is gapless and ready for anything the market can throw your way. Whether this is moving toward hypersonic transportation systems, never seen before peaks of energy efficiency, or technologies we haven’t even dreamed of yet, trust Pointwise to get the job done.

Meshing for Any CFD Solver Format

Complete Export Flexibility.

Apply the standard of excellence in meshing from Pointwise to any facet of your workflow. Within our Omnis platform or exported to any other current workflows in place, Pointwise will empower your designs. Pointwise has done the work to export mesh files in suitable formats for many of today’s currently-in-use CFD solutions. Behind the tool there is also a rapidly supportive team of engineers ready to improve our existing script and glyph database. Never let export and import elements impede your design.

Beyond simply enabling the CAD or CAE export files, Pointwise also allows for the pre-setting of boundary conditions (BC) or volume conditions (VC) such that you can ensure maximum integrity in the process of transferring your mesh over to your solvers. Additionally, the Pointwise Github Repository continues to be expanded for any new plugins developed for your CAE solutions.

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